Technical Fixes

Hi guys!

Right off that bat, I just want to express how grateful I am to everyone who has given my game a chance so far! It means the world to me that so many spent a couple precious minutes of their lives playing my silly game :)

That being said there is some technical stuff I want to address, the first being the crashes. I hadn't noticed them really that much testing the game out myself, but after noticing some patterns and light soul-searching, I think I figured it out (I say "think", because I don't really know for sure, please feel free to email me if you still have game crashes). The newly patched version of the game should be out within minutes of me posting this update, so that's always nice.

The second item on the hit list is the Mac/Linux versions of the game. I will admit I have never personally tried out either ports of the game, and am solely relying on trust in my compiler that it works. I have heard a complaint about getting the game to boot up, and I really need to know if this is a reoccurring problem, so if you have either port of the game and encountered similar issues, please feel free to email me so I can assess the situation.

That's really all I can say with certainty in terms of updates for now, just know I have a bunch of stuff I'm hoping to iron out on this game before I move onto other projects, so stay tuned, and if you have any comments/questions/concerns, feel free to email me at Thanks for playing!

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